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Solar ETC
Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) based Solar Water Heaters Evacuated Tube Collector is made of double layer borosilicate glass tubes evacuated for providing insulation. The outer wall of the inner tube is coated with selective absorbing material. This helps absorption of solar radiation and transfers the heat...

Solar FPC
Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) based Solar Water Heaters the solar radiation is absorbed by Flat Plate Collectors which consist of an insulated outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheet. Inside there are blackened metallic absorber (selectively coated) sheets with built in channels or riser tubes to carry water.

Solar Glass Lined
Glass Lined Steel, Glass Coated, Glass Enamel, Vitreous or Porcelain Finish. The creation facility for glass enamel covering tanks is completely mechanized and first of its kind in INDIA. This enhances the Life of Tank & Solar Water Heater. With a very Gifted and prepared labor & numerous times to know-how in the procedure of various limits & Size of Tanks