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Fly Ash Brick Making Machines
Fly ash brick making machine which is use for making bricks by using fly ash, stone dust, cement and water. For manufacturing bricks following atoms:
Brick Machine: Brick Machine having main cylinder for pressing bricks and die having two cylinders for ejection purpose.
Brick machine having following subassemblies:
  • Material Trolley
  • Material trolley having cylinder for forward and backward motion of material box, on material box one hopper is provided for material storage purpose which is mixed by pan mixer.
  • Back Palette Trolley
  • Back palette trolley having cylinder for pushing palette purpose, there is stacker provided for stacking wooden palette. Palette is used for handling brick. This palette trolley pushes ready bricks on front palette trolley which was ready in previous cycle.
  • Front palette Trolley
  • Front palette trolley which is use as reservoir purpose. on this front palette trolley finish bricks palette is push by back palette trolley.8 palettes can reserve on palette trolley.
Manufacturing process
1. Feed raw material manually
2. Mix raw material 5 min
3. Open discharge port of mixer
4. Material thrown on material conveyor by outer scraper of pan mixer
5. Material send to hopper
6. Hopper to material box
7. Material box forward for filling die
8. Reverse
9. Pressing bricks by main cylinder
10. Die moves upward
11. Then punch go back to home position
12. Palette trolley push one by one palette on front palette trolley
13. Lift the finish brick with palette and stack for min 5 to 6 hours.
Pan Mixer: Pan Mixer an mixer is use for mixing raw material i.e. fly ash, cement, stone dust and water. In this pan mixer mix material 5 min. for mixing material two heavy rollers and two scrapers provided.
  • For discharging material discharge port is provided. For opening port gives rack and pinion mechanism.
  • Pan mixer main shaft bearing housing and roller bearing housing is properly seal by cover.
  • For mixing material motor with planetary gear box is provided.
Material Belt Conveyor: Material Belt Conveyor is use for conveying material by using rubber belt. For rotate the belt gear motor is used.
Hydraulic Power Pack: Hydraulic power pack having 200 lit tank and having two vane pumps. One is for high pressure and one is for low pressure. Power pack is properly sealed. Solenoid valve manifold is directly provided on brick machine, because of that only two hoses required for pressure and return line it reduced maintenance cost.
Micro Controller System: Micro controller system is provided with display. Microcontroller is control the machine movements like forward and reverse the cylinder moments. It also control on moments of cylinder, like interlocking function.By using this system we can change compress time of punch, trolley movements. This type of flexibility is not provided in any machine in world. If these functions not give then sensor movements required for increase or decrease the compression.
  • For changing movements of trolley required plc program change.
  • For display problems regarding control system display is provided.
  • Low maintenance cost required
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to shift
  • Low maintenance required
  • Robust construction
  • Proper sealing of bearing
  • Wiper seal is provided for wiping dust purpose
  • Adjustable compression pressure and trolley movements
  • Display problems on screen
  • Automatic palette feeding system