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Curb Cutting Machine
Concrete Cutting Machine and curb cutting machine with diesel engine. Maximum curb height 700 mm can cut with this machine. Can be Operated by single .

Rigid and Consil Bearing Housing for Shaft with Grease Cup
  • In This Bearing Housing Tapper Roller Bearing Are Been Used , Which Is Self Adjustable & Can Carry Combination of Axial & Thrust Load.
  • It Also Give More Life than Normal Bearing.
  • By Tightening of Lock Nut the Play Can Be Removed from It. These Type of Bearing Can Align Itself.
  • Because of These Feature Diamond Blade Gives More Cutting Life and Reduce Vibrasion of Diamond Blade.
  • It Reduces Cutting Time.
Tilting Assembly
  • Rigid Tilting Assembly Is Usde.
  • For Moving Purpose Wheel with Bearing Is Used.
  • For Bearing Sealing Purpose Covers Are Use.
Steering with Chain and Sprocket Mechanism:
  • For Feed Purpose Steering Wheel with Sprocket Mechanism Is Use, Which Is Easy for Cutting Purpose.
Water Tank with Ball Valve:
  • At the Time of Cutting Water Is Use as Coolent.For Storing Water We Give Sheet Metal Water Tank with Powder Coating for Prevnting by Rust
  • For Supply of Water on – off Ball Valve Is Used
For Proper Coolent:
  • At the Time of Cutting Diamond Blade Require Proper Cooling.
  • For Proper Cooling Purpose We Give Coolent Nipples Both Side of the Blade.
Engine Mounting:
  • For Engine Mounting Damper Is Used, Because of Damper It Not Transmit Vibration to Diamond Blade and It Also Increses Diamond Blade Life.
  • Another Benefit of Damper Is Engine Gives Smoother Response.
For Adjustment of Depth of Cut:
  • For Adjustment of Depth of Cut We Provide Handle with Lead Screw.
Main Feature of Machine:
  • Easy to Maintaine
  • Easy to Operate
  • Powder Coated to Prevent from Dust
  • Rigid Bearing Housing for Main Shaft
  • For Forwording Purpose Steering Wheel with Chain and Sprocket Mechanism Is Use.
  • Sturdy Wheels with Bearing
  • Straight Line Indicator
  • Coolent Tank
  • Easily Spares Available