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Glass Lined Coated Systems
Glass Lined Steel, Glass Coated, Glass Enamel, Vitreous or Porcelain Finish. The creation facility for glass enamel covering tanks is completely mechanized and first of its kind in INDIA. This enhances the Life of Tank & Solar Water Heater. With a very Gifted and prepared labor & numerous times to know-how in the procedure of various limits & Size of Tanks, Supreme Glass Polish tank creation achieves the best execution & Productivity.
The Below Models are available in with Inner Glass Lined Tanks :
MODEL NO. CAPACITY in Liters Tube size in mm No of Tubes Shell Thickness
in mm
Side Cover Thickness
in mm
SPGL110 110 LPD 58-2100 8 2 2.5
SPGL165 165 LPD 58-2100 12 2 2.5
SPGL220 220 LPD 58-2100 15 2 2.5
SPGL275 275 LPD 58-2100 19 2 2.5
Specifications :
   Coating – Porcelain Enamel